Aiken Weiss SOC - camera/steadicam operator

The following are statements from some wonderful individuals I have had the pleasure to work with in the past. For all those kind words I am not only deeply grateful but also very touched by, humbled and especially motivated to keep my standards as high as possible, professionally as much as personally.




"I have found Aiken to be the consummate professional with not only superior technical ability but also a wonderful artistic eye. He is a great talent, an enthusiastic collaborator and a valuable asset for any production."
Jim Gucciardo, Director of Photography


"Aiken will offer you his friendship and compassion at work, and is a very clear on set communicator. As self-described, he is in the "service business" to the DP and Director, but will also offer helpful suggestions that fit within the world of the show."
Jesse M. Feldman, Director of Photography


"I enjoyed Aiken’s relentless enthusiasm and steady hand. Look forward to working with him again very soon!"
Marc Webb, Director


"I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Aiken Weiss on two very different projects. He is extremely attentive and hard working. His continual pursuit and execution of the best shot possible always elevates the work."
Jimmy Lindsey, Director of Photography



"I really enjoy being with people who love what they do, who have a passion for their work. Aiken is one of those people - a joy to be with."
John Dahl, Director


"Aiken strikes just the right balance of offering up suggestions and listening to what you want. He's been central to my work on Showtime's Billions both creatively and in terms of helping us get through our schedule. A good team player who's good with the cast... And he can walk backwards really quickly. Even directors who have come in saying 'they don't like Steadicam' have ended up using and liking his Steadicam work."
Jake Polonksy, BSC, Director of Photography


"Aiken is a like a race horse, takes direction very well, but can also find good shots on his own if needed. He's very confortable with the cast and quickly establishes a good rapport. I can't wait to collaborate with him again. He doesn't look bad on lederhosen either."
Jaime Rexnoso AMC, Director of Photography


"Aiken Weiss is an invaluable asset to any production in all aspects of camera operation, and not only in his absolutely proficient use of steadicam. Day in and day out, he’s ready to collaborate in order to achieve the best shot possible. Furthermore, he is always ready to help with whoever is in need of assistance in addition to the camera department.. A true gentleman and consummate professional, he is my first call in putting together best crew possible."

Anthony Wolberg, Director of Photography


"One of THE BEST operators you will ever have the pleasure of collaborating with."
David Grossman, Director/Producer


"As I expected, you were a great fit and it was a relief to let you do what you do best and know that I was going to get quality work."


"Working with Aiken is great fun with great results. He always wants to make the shot the best it can be."


"That man is worth his weight in gold. He's the kind of operator who never stops looking for good shots all day long. He is a rock climber, water guy and just all around good guy. I highly recommend him."


"Aiken is fantastic! One of the best camera operators I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.  I love operators who are engaged in the process and Aiken is the epitome of that.  Great eye.  Always looking for the best possible shot and not offended when you decline a suggestion. Would work with him again in a heartbeat!"

Scott Peters, Director


"I had the extraordinary luck to have a camera operator who both made every frame of each episode better and made every day on set smoother, more efficient and more fun! It doesn't take a lot of experience to know that Aiken Weiss is a tremendous asset to any production. I look forward to working with him again in the future!"

Bridget Tyler, Writer/Producer


"Aiken is a passionate operator who brings energy, positivity, and inspiration to every set. He's got a brilliant eye, a profound understanding of story, and a commitment to excellence that makes everyone around him better. A pleasure to work with and a massive talent."


"Aiken is full of enthusiasm and creative Ideas for interesting shots."


"It is refreshing (and a little scary) when you show up to set and your steadicam operator knows the script better than you do... and you wrote it. Aiken makes projects better because he is passionately dedicated to the process of collaboration. When it comes to the art/business of making film (and television), that is the highest compliment I can pay."


"I really enjoy working with Aiken. He's hard-working, a great operator and he's not just a pan and tilt guy. He has great ideas and a great attitude."


"Aiken did an excellent job as A camera/steadicam operator. I thought he was a great collaborator, problem solver and a true professional with real passion and talent. I look forward to working with him again."


"As a director, in every production, I look for organic collaborators. Aiken is an organic collaborator in every sense of the word. As our A-camera operator his eyes are what our show sees, but as a collaborator his enthusiasm helps fuel the tone of our day. I look forward to working with Aiken on many projects to come."


"Aiken has a great passion for the film making process. He is wonderful problem solver and his enthusiasm is infectious. Aiken's ability to co-ordinate and execute complicated shots made him a huge asset to our show."


"I had a great time working with you, loved your tireless energy and passion to make the project better"


"He is very quick to recognize what is required and his execution of the shots was great. He has a very good eye for composition that remains consistent throughout complicated shoots. He does his job efficiently and is always helpful, willing and able to contribute to the success of the project."


"Thanks for your excellent steadicam work on Life for NBC. John Behring our director and Rand Ravitch our EP were equally delighted with how well our homage to The Westwing was executed. The work was fluid and gave the whole scene suspense and really great energy. It's not easy shooting in a real location like that with such a large ensemble of actors. The shots looked great and were done very efficiently"


"Never have I seen such enthusiasm in a camera man. He's tops on my list. Thanks for your artistic input and your smile."


"It's great to work with someone that is always looking for a better shot or a better way to tell the story. Aiken answered every challenge I gave him! Loved his attitude. Bravo!"


"Aiken makes a wonderful partner Operator on a two camera show. He is always looking for a better shot, to make his shot better, or to offer up something to the Director and DP. It got to the point where we knew each other's style so well that we could line up perfectly complimentary shots without even looking at the other camera monitor."


"One of the best operators I have worked with, Aiken's instincts are right on and bring and artistic point of view not to be ignored"


"He doesn't just work hard, he works hard to make it better."


"... The pace and style of the show was very agressive ... and with the usual per TV very little rehearsal. I met quite a few Steadi-Cam Operators prior to getting Aiken's reel. What impressed me most was the variety of situations, long lens tracking shots, faster wider lens actor choreographed moves he had maneuvered. I am fortunate to have him compliment the department. He brings a sense of humor, and will always offer a suggestion. I would suggest him for any work, so long as it doesn't conflict with mine."


"In the heat on the beach, in the rain in the jungle, up in the trees in a harness or on an ATV on the ground, Aiken got the shots done. If you are looking for a serious, creative, talented, fun, supportive team player, crew member, colleague – Aiken is the man!"


"Aiken's the man! He saved me at every turn during the production of HARSH TIMES. There is a definite passion between Aiken and his steadicam, it's evident in the final product. No doubt we'll work together again soon."


"Aiken demonstrated remarkable poise and focus to his execution of the shots. As a former Steadicam operator, I appreciated his contribution and skill. He would be a valuable asset to any production."


"I enjoyed working with Aiken very much. His stamina and creative energy were an inspiration. He was always coming up with great ideas and working on ways to improve the shot. He has a great sense of what the Steadicam was made for and brings quite a bit to the table. Plus, you gotta love the accent."


"Aiken brings a level of enthusiasm to his work that is unparalleled. He not only has a mastery of his craft but has an attention to detail that I found to be very helpful on set. With the pace and schedule of doing television, those qualities are essential. I look forward to working with Aiken on many future projects."


"Aiken has been not only a pleasure to work with from a producer's perspective - never complains, is there for the long haul, is able to trouble shoot on the fly and come up with creative solutions for any nasty bumps that many befall us during our day - but also has impressed the DPs and directors we've introduced him to. So impressed in fact that he became their first request whenever the need for steadicam arose."


"Aiken performed to our highest expectations and brought a level of professionalism to our production that you would expect from such a seasoned operator. His knowledge of the equipment needed and the mastery of the tools made him an enormous asset to our film"


"As a director, I find Aiken not only inventive with his camera work but he is dead-on with composition as well. I think any filmmaker/producer would be fortunate to have Aiken on the production team as his professionalism will enhance the look of the film."


"We have greatest appreciation for Aiken's professionalism and integrity"


"Aiken's professionalism and dedication to his craft was superb. His ability to multi-task and deliver quality results was invaluable to our production"


"We are extremely satisfied with the professional and efficient work ethics of Aiken and we definitely plan to continue our professional alliance with him in the future"


"Aiken is a superb and precise operator. He has executed extremely difficult moves for me with ease and grace. This guy never met a challenge he didn't love. Above all he is a gentle, kind and considerate man. He knows how to bring humor and passion to the set and is a great asset as a team member and a human being. This is the guy you want next to you when the going gets tough."


"Beyond excellent camerawork, Aiken brings a passion for filmmaking to the set with him every day. That joy and energy is infectious and invaluable during a long, difficult shoot."


"Aiken is a very kind, passionate man who is never ruffled by his surroundings or change. His enthusiasm permeates all of those who work with him. He never complains and is tireless in his ambition to be the best Steadicam operator.